Introducing Naturiol

Naturiol is a new company dedicated to the development and supply of naturally sourced performance chemicals such as saponins and fatty acids for use in the cosmetic, agriculture, animal health and other industries. Explore our website and find out what we offer, our people and some of the projects that we have on-going.

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Introducing PSD502: The answer to PE

E1 Saponins from Ivy

Saponins have many applications ranging from food additives in human and animal diet to soaps and cosmetics.

E2 Insecticidal Soaps

Naturiol has developed novel formulations of insecticidal sprays that control a range of plant pests such as thrips, aphids, white flies and mites.

E3 Unusual Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are of central importance in hundreds of different applications, including human and animal diet and health.

E4 Semiochemicals

Naturiol has extensive experience in the synthesis and release of pheromones and other semiochemicals when used in insect pest monitoring and control.

Did you know?

Pheromones are active at very low doses – just 0.33mg of leaf cutting ant trail pheromone would be enough to draw a trail around the world.

There is a tradition in some areas of Wales of farmers feeding Ivy to sheep as a tonic.

Latest Articles

2nd Mar 2015

New Innovate UK grant starts April 2015

Naturiol is co-ordinating a new grant in the development of modified saponins for the control of liver fluke in cattle and sheep...

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10th Feb 2015

Naturiol wins an IBLF award

Naturiol has won a £10k voucher in an IBLF competition to use in patenting its proprietary technology for insect control...

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Active Projects

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If you are interested in any of the platform chemicals that we are working on or would like to use some of our specialist services in chemical synthesis or chemical analysis please get in touch...