Active Project

The search for an organic insecticidal soap that does not scorch the plants being treated with it


Innovative chemistry has allowed Naturiol to develop an insecticidal soap with none of the phytotoxic (scorching) properties of the ones currently on the market.

The Problem

Insecticidal soaps composed principally of potassium salts of fatty acids have been manufactured and sold for over 40 years and work very well against soft bodied insects such as aphids, whiteflies and mealybugs. However they have a tendency to produce phytotoxicity (scorching) if used at too high a concentration or if used too frequently

The Solution

With some innovative chemistry, the team at Naturiol has been able to develop an insecticidal soap that will kill soft bodied insects at 2% or 4 % but with none of the phytotoxic effects on the plants being treated even at concentrations of 6% or higher unlike similar products on the market that can damage vegetable and ornamental plants if treated with concentrations above 2% or are treated frequently at this dose.

The Outcome

Naturiol is in the process of patenting this invention and will soon be engaging with exploitation partners to make this invention into a highly successful organic insect control product.

We would use more insecticidal soaps to control pests in salad production but are concerned about possible scorching of the leaves

Vegetable grower in California

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